A T   S E A

        They use the system    to drive us underground

        Organize division    to keep the masses down 

        No solution   or answers to be found

         In your revolution  -  It's just a different head with a crown

        Built on a mountain, we stood our dreams we stood our ideals

        And we etched it in to stone   that no righteous would stand alone

        Now they've got the machine  -    and they use it like a weapon

         It's not the world we wanted at all

                     Speak       give a  voice to the weak

                 Times so bleak     Like a tragedy Greek 

       They use  the system   to drive us underground

       Organize division .............

       .................................... crown

       Bring me the captain         Just a word or two will do

       A conversation       before we're out to sea again



                             REBEL SOUL (Nyabinghi)


    Far from the sea there is a house, up in the hills

   That's where I'll be spending my time, biding my time

   Nyabinghi come play your drums  for me                                      


   When I was a boy I leaned on the strength of my father's shoulders

    And now I am grown I'm clearing my path of all the boulders

    Nyabinghi come play your drums  for me

                 I'm a rebel soul


        Mother I'm growing my locks I want to become a musician

          I'll stand up for human rights... be a warrior 

         Guitar in my hand - a spear,  I'll be aiming for the meridian

         Strong is my cause and truth I rely on

         Because I  learn as I'm growing

        There's no use in only knowing pretty lies

         I'll open my eyes

         I'm a rebel soul


   Nyabinghi come play your drums....

   coz I'm a rebel soul


   Mother they're outside my door

   They say it's time for me to conform

   I've "joined the fight", they say, I'm "a bad seed"

   But I know what's wrong from right

   And the road I'm on - it's providence

   At the end of the day my logic remains clear

   The embers are glowing

   My ideas are counterflowing

   Goodwill arise - guide the strong and the wise


   I'm a rebel soul                       



                          LONG ROAD


(intro) I've got a ticket

I wanna go to Sidamo

I've got a ticket, I wanna be in Arussi

I've got a ticket, show me the way to Dessie

I've got a ticket to Dire Dawa, and to Massawa


Way past midnight, and I'm still walking

It took so long for directions to your town

At a local inn I sought help from an old man

He said "Son, I can't show you the way, but the drink's on me"


(chorus) Would you mind telling me

How do I get to Africa

'Cause I keep on wandering 


Lose another day on the wrong road

I'm looking for a miracle, or a ride

Because I know

14,000 miles is no joke



And I know I can make it, I'm halfway there already

(I can clear it) Over the ridge 

And anything the road brings


Somebody said "Take the Long road" 

And another said "Head for the beach"

Never ceasing to reach for you Africa

In my thoughts I've never left you

I fear no strife, my gourd is full of His wisdom

Alone I've lumbered through furies in magical dreams

Where tears fell, lost into the sea


No Babylon can stop me

I'm on my way, I'm heading home

No Babylon can stop me now





                         SIMIEN BREEZE


 On many a morning I'd wake up and something would trigger a memory of home

(I) think I've been gone for far too long

If I could recapture my youth I would turn back the clock to a life I once knew

And lose myself like the wind in the trees

I dream of forests and I dream of wide open spaces

I dream of walking on red earth with no shoes in the rain of summer

I dream of the plans we'd laid, of the games we played

Of promises made to last all time


When that day comes I will not fear the guns - faith will be my ammunition

Prodigal was no invention - it's true

Man and kingdom will sound the horn and drum on arrival in Addis Ababa

Green, gold, red, and black behold my eyes


On many a morning I'd wake up and something would trigger a memory of home

Lomi Terra, Shiro Meda

If I could go back to my youth - rediscover the places so old yet so new

I recall fine weather - Simien breeze


I dream of forests...…...............................


When the tale is told and the facts unfold no prize could be a consolation

Take me back to the land where I was birthed

King and country I'll come home to see - keep some land for me in Mendefera

No sapphire dome nor the ships of Rome can hold me back


Ke feedel qotera wede Lemma be Gebeya

Eske semm enna worq

Lomi Terra, mehede new wedeza

When that day comes.......….........................................



               DR CRAZY

Dr Crazy . . you're lazy without a doubt

Have you got a remedy for me?

I've been thinking . . you're taking far too long

Would you play that melody for me?


Or I'm gonna stay here 'til you've solved every one 

of the world's problems

You never told me what could be done

So here I am again!


Dr Crazy . . you're lazy without a doubt.….......................

The illusion's getting stronger

We might soon be overcome

And I really feel it's urgent

I think it's time we get things done

So here I am again!


Dr Crazy . . you know this is our only chance for happiness

Even 'maybe' would be better than 'no'

So work you're magic . . do your magic

Rock and come in!


Well , We're going round in circles

Is it true you've lost your mind?

And what of your reputation . .

That there's nothing you can't find an answer to?

Don't pretend


Dr Crazy . .  you know it's no use trying to ignore this circumstance

Good intention is never mentioned in history, you see

So work your magic . . do your magic

Rock and come in!




 If then we knew now what we know

If then we knew what was to unfold

We'd dare a union, defy the course


The crossed the bush, they crossed savannah

Through the wild they ran on , they ran on

Never been so many down in a hole

No word at the frontier of their arrival

If you've never been outside the ring

Follow the tracks of the Shadow Road


(chorus) Moyale na na

To Moyale come on


They left without a word, without a sound

Down to the border, heading for the southern frontier

Never been so many down in a hole

No tales to convey of their survival 

If you've never been outside the ring

Follow the tracks of the Shadow Road

Moyale na na  

To Moyale come on 


Ever since the revolution 

We've been running for our lives

I wish there could have been another solution


(in Amharic) It is said more than

40 thousand took that road


If then we knew now what we know

If then we knew what was to unfold

If then we knew now what we know

We'd dare a union - defy the course




They tell you what to believe

"In God we trust"

Information disease 

(We) don't know what's going on overseas

Wake up and learn         ehbola

Or realize maybe you're lost      ehbolale

And look around you      ehbola

It's only to clear you're not the boss    ehbolale

The messages you receive

"We are not unjust"

We know who you're trying to please

We are the minions you harbor with unease

Standing alone in the middle

Wake up and learn.......

...........................................     ehbolale

 Will you re-evaluate your skewed and faulty global mission 

We want rights and justice, given with even handed distribution

Be even handed    

and we'll follow your lead . . . You say we must

We're gonna break free some day now

Before flesh turns to bone turns to dust

Wake up and learn............. 

.................................................. ehbolale

There must be somewhere, a place with no license to kill

There must be somewhere

Wake up and learn.........

..........................................  ehbolale 

Will you re-evaluate your skewed and faulty gobal mission

We want rights and justice, given with even handed distribution

(They cover their trails when propaganda fails)

(Up on your feet, it's either do or die)

Standing alone in the middle